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our products

We proudly introduce an enormous collection of wines from local wineries ranging from light, zesty and youthful V Tintos to more mature and classic II Blancos. The minimalist style and the luxurious enbottlement design won't seize to enchant you either.

our history

The Victor family belongs to one of the oldest dynasties in Spain involved in wine production. With vineyards in our property since 1701 even though the company has gone through a rebranding and a full automation in 1935. The family currently owns eleven wineries, eight of which are concentrated in Granada. 


Dorian’s weekly wine pick, Garnacha: wine that shows class, profound strength and fine tannins for aftertaste. This wine has history, it has originated in Spain and traveled to southern France in the eighth and ninth centuries. The rap on the Garnacha grape is that it is only great when it’s powerful and alcoholic.
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